Market segments



Masterfoam is established as a Tier 2/3 supplier to the international automotive supply chain with focus on interior applications.

Besides for passenger cars, Masterfoam Group is also supplying parts for trucks and agricultural vehicles.
Our products are used for a broad range of applications:

NVH Noise reduction through absobtion Damping


Increase comfort

Fit and function


Optimize haptic/optic

We have the experience in converting
foams and felts materials for automotive application.



Masterfoam supplies for multiple industrial applications:

Room acoustics
Acoustic components for heavy duty machinery
Gaskets and seals for electrical appliances and HVAC
Membranes and filters
Electrical insulation
EMI shielding
High friction floor mats
Heat protection and Insulation
Roof gardening
Insulation for vacuum cleaner
Kitchen dust exhaust filters

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Masterfoam offers a wide range of products for filter technology.

Coarse and fine filter mats
Filter foam elements
liquid filter
Dust filter

In addition to punching, cutting, sewing and ultrasonic welding, we also offer on product printing of filter media.

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Masterfoam offers a wide range of products for packaging technology.

Constructive packaging is of the utmost importance because of the possibility of hundreds of millions of euros of product and image damage caused by missing or inadequate packaging. Especially in the area of shock-absorbing inner packaging the importance cannot be over-estimated.

PE – Upholstery packaging
Shock absorbing inner packaging
Masterbox sliding boxes, individual dimensions, specific on customer request
Convoluted foam/ nap plates
inner packagings
Transport protection
toothed strips
foam inserts
Floor coverings (Gripmaster) with anti-slip properties

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